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ok let me say ahead of time.. ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!! lol

now that it has been put out there. This works for bugging out for any reason such as natural disasters, medical epidemics etc.

so you are sitting there and are paranoid of the world around you, nut cases along the roads are holding signs saying the world is ending on December 21st 2012, you are watching the news you see cases of the rapture, the crackheads down the street are turning into zombies with every hit of rock, Egypt has chaos breaking out, etc etc

what are you to do? well you can sit there and wait for the end of the world or the end of the world as we all know it.

Or you can fight back and give yourself and your family a Bug out plan, and a better chance at survival then the rest.

BUT where do you start? how do you start? what supplies do you need?

DONT WORRY!!!! I gotcha covered with my little brief guide. Lets start with the basics! :smileup:

BOV or Bug Out Vehicle. this topic is just as argued about as which came first the chicken or the egg. Some say fuel mileage is more important then capabilities. Some say non computer controlled. some say diesel, some say gas. some say FWD is sufficient. some say 4wd is the only way to go. so lets look at this in MY opinion only ok? we can discuss others opinions including your own later.
- Must Be 4wd. never know when life is going to throw you into a cornfield after 4 days sof solid hurrican like rains. use your fwd honda or your 5.0 mustang to get through that.
- Diesel. diesels inheritantly get better mileage, last longer, have better towing ratings, and can be run on just about anything.
- Trucks. trucks you can load them up with a crap load of equipment and supplies and go without worrying about weight capacities that sedans impose. Also they have better ground clearance.

BOL or Bug Out Location- Where are you going to hide out for a little while? are you staying in your home in suburbia or are you heading to a remote location in the middle of nowhere? when planning this part look at exit strategies. look at security. can you safely get there? can you get there without having to deal with other numbskulls along the way? does anyone else know this location? if its your house, do you have safe rooms? remember all these could directly play a vital role if you survive or not. Also have backup locations in case you cannot get where you need to go. (remember Walmart is not good, every other schmuck is gonna go there, to stock up..

BOR or Bug Out Routes- Do you know many multipler ways to get where you have to go? what happens when you only know one way to get to your destination, but that route is blocked by a flood, or a burning tanker truck... EXIT STRADEGIES MY FRIEND! IT WILL SAVE YOUR HIDE!

BOW or Bug Out Weapons- Do you need these for your survival? My opinion is YES. My reasons will obviously differ from yours. My reasoning is not only are they used for self defense, but also for hunting for food. a boom-stick is easier to shoot a deer with then wrestling it to the ground and trying to gnaw on him...

FOOD- It's a good idea to store up some long shelflife food that you can rotate into your meals now... rice is a great example. so is oatmeal, flour etc. look at what you got, and what you think you can take with you. look at its nutritional values.

BOG or Bug Out Gear- what kind of gear are you going to take? sleeping bags? match them to your environment. don't take sleeping bags that are good to 50*F when in your area it gets to be 20*F during the winter. see where I am going here? Tents.. also match that to your needs of the people that are going with you. 5 people dont fit in a 2 person tent. Clothes... ewll im sure you can figure that part out. Also load match it.If you are bugging out by foot, look at weights of things. Don't wanna hump 250 pounds worth of stuff 20 or 30 miles do ya? its not too much of an issue if you bug out with a vehicle.

Communication Devices and GPS- I recommend a minimum of a handheld cb if not a vehicle mounted model. also I recommend a GPS unit. hey trust me you never know.. what happens if your map gets dropped in a stream and floats away.. at least you got a backup.

PEOPLE- Who is coming with you? do any of them have skills that can be used during this time of need? It's great you have an accountant with you, but can he kill a bear, or defend your "tribe" from looters? Does each person in your group know what they are going to do WTSHTF (When The Sh!t Hits The Fan)

PETS- Is Fluffy, and JoJo apart of your plan? Remeber aanimals are not only great defenders of families, but also early warning devices, and I hate to say it, but a food source if it gets bad... :(

Supplements- It would be in your best interest to get some multi vitamins to put in your gear.. You never know. it may save the day!

Please post up your comments or anything you may want to review more in depth. As i said these are just some guidlines, and are for information purposes only. Don't take my word as Gospel. What works for me, might not work for you. My plan has been executed many times in mock drills and works for my family. Everyone knows their role in my group!

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Really??!!!??? Lmao!!!

Ok, I will come back to this. I am going to go wash my truck before I get into reading all your Zombie propaganda. LMAO!!!

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I see where you are going with this, and I like it. I have taken a survival class in college here, nothing like your Army training, but I understand the importance of it all. A couple of my friends and I have actually discussed this topic many times. So with that being said, here is my take on it all, as it pertains to me.

= My 4x4 Power Stroke. It's a 4 door with plenty of room.

= I will head to the mountains. I am not even 10-15 mins from them, and I know of many spots to go. I moved to Colorado for a reason, yes the mountains offer A LOT, and gives me higher ground. Plus, sustainability, in the big picture, is much greater than in any damn city.

I know of many different ways to get to where I want to go. If those ways are block or are un-passable, I will re-route myself and go to another spot. Like I said, I know of many different places in the mountains.

Got that covered, just got to add a few more and stock up on ammo.

= Being that I live in Colorado where temps and weather change without notice, I am used to having to be prepared for anything, especially when up in the mountains for a few days. I would just make sure to have plenty of base layers and rain gear. It's all about layers my friends.

Non-perishables are always the way to go. Bring things that can be made quickly with boiling water, bring power bars, etc. You get the point. I even have some MREs tucked away for survival situations. I will do my best to hunt food as well. Also, I am taking a survival plants course this semester and will educate myself on what can and cannot be eaten in the woods. There are plenty of resources out there that can help you survive a long ordeal.

Communication Devices and GPS
= I have truck mounted CB now, but I do need to get a hand held and a GPS. Mind you, batteries can and will die. Signaling devices are ALWAYS a good thing to have. I map and compass should always be in your survival pack and you must know how to use them together.

= Now that can be a tricky one. Too many people can be a bad thing, especially if some slow the group down. Everyone needs to be able to bring something to the table and help the group as a whole. No one person can do it all. It is important to know who is good at what and have them do that. I have my VERY CLOSE group of friends that I can depend on and they can depend on me. We have camped and hiked many times together and already know what each of us are good at and can help the group as a whole doing their tasks.

PETS = I personally do not have any pets right now, but my friends have dogs. One is a full blooded Bloodhound, so he will definitely alert us and can track down just about anything with that nose of his. The other dog is a Chow Golden Retriever mix that LOVES cold weather and snow. He is great at alerting us and usually patrols our camp site when we are out in the mountains, and he will defend if need be, I have seen him do it.

= It's always important to keep plenty with you. I take a pretty well stocked first-aid kit with me at all times. I actually keep a lot of stuff in my truck now as it is. Vitamins, electrolytes, items with high sugar content, etc. are a must to have. You never know when that stuff will be needed.

So.... that is my take for now. My mind is running crazy with many more ideas, but hopefully others will chime in with theirs. Great thread Gregg!!!!

Oh yeah... gasoline and chainsaws are always useful, obviously for their intended purpose, but you never know when you might have to take a zombies head off with one. LMAO!!!!

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I am glad you are allowing your mind to be open and enjoy this thread. Zombies is used a metaphore for me for dealing with any and all disaster.. human or natural. there are lots of things i could go over with everyone, but this is just a base line to get the wheels thinking. Once i get enough people reading this and thinking about preparring themselves, i will move onto more complex subjects within this matter.

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Oh yeah, I have thought about these type of situations for quite some time now, and think at some point my plans and ideas will have to be implemented. I only hope that I will be prepared enough. None of us will ever know the extent of things until they actually happen. I for one do not live my life thinking the world is going to end at this very second, but being prepared is always a good thing. None of us know what will happen at any given moment.

I am really glad to hear your "zombie" thing is a metaphor!!

I completely dig what you are sayin and where this thread is going!!!!

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i told ya Jeff its amazing what you may find if you pick my brain.. it wont just be golden schnozberries!
LMAO!!!! Well I guess we both are learnin a lil new about a thing or two bro!!!

Ya know... two Power Strokes are always better than one!!!:smileup:

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Lmao!!! Very true bro, very true!!!!

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Well sir, I can't wait to see part 2, and I am sure I will have some things to add as well.

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Next up. getting more in depth with said areas.

Todays subject: BOL Bug Out Location

So you want to find tourself a bug out location.

naturally you are letting your mind soar with this one... Walmart... Home Depot.... Grocery Store.... Nana Arbuckle's Cabin in Timbucktu... My house....

Is there a correct answer? NO.

there are lots of things to look at with this big piece of the puzzle. Location, known to others, access routes, departure routes, security, climate, DISTANCE, Etc.

So first thing first.

What to look for. when you take into account everything I have previously mentioned, some of the most important aspects are distance and security. Your BOL shouldnt be a 3 day drive across the continent. that defeats the purpose of a bug out location. A bug out location is somewhere where you can go to at a fairly quick amount of time that is secure and safe. Ideally less then 2 hours to get to it is Ideal, IMHO. Also it was be safe and secure. what the point of choosing a BOL that is right along the main interstate, where everyone has access to it? To me that is opening yourself up to a whole slew of problems from looters to "Pirates" to other refugees, etc. Me, i want a spot that is secluded, within 2 hours away. I want as much 360* visibility as possible. while still having protection and exit routes.

Does this place have a good water supply closeby? does it have mix of food/prey in the area that can sustain life? Do you have Protection? What is your exit strategy?

My BOL without giving it away is a place I found while with my family. it has a ridger running on 3 sides of it.so that limits my inbound and outbound but its an open enough area that i can get in and out quickly, as well as see people long before they are too close. It is close to a huge fresh mountain springwater point. It has many varieties of game animals as well as vegetation.

Can I be found there? OF COURSE!!!! you can be found at even the best of BOL's, but its best to make these spots as hard to get to, so you minimize exposure. Mine it takes a lot to find it, i can get there with my truck, but it will be a torture test for the truck.

NOW you are thinking.. F*ck ZS is really a nutcase isnt he? why travel to a location when i get a perfectly good house that i can wait things out. Good point. If you have a house i want you to assess that house. Go outside and look at it from the standpoint of Joe Snuffy, the hungry horny looter. What is the easiest ways in? Does it look like this place would be an easy target of opportunity? Do the owners look like the type that would put up a fight?

If you can honestly answer these questions about your home, you will look at your home totally different for now on. I am not saying go put burgular bars on the windows of your $550,000 house. Im saying look at it, as a way to improve your home, and make it safer for your family. Do you have a safe room? Now with people with basements its a lot easier. concrete on 5 out of 6 sides. Just need a way to secure it better. But people without basements, well yours gets a little more tricky. I have seen people that have designated a master bedroom as the safe room and gone as far as top put up kevlar sheeting behind drywall, to make it harder to gain access to the safe room. AGAIN I AM NOT SAYING TO DO THIS.. IM JUST ASKING YOU TO ACCESS YOUR LOCATIONS YOU CHOSE!!!

Now next point. Retail buildings. BAD IDEA. Do you really want to go to the same place that every Bill-Bob and Lou-Anne are gonna go to? think about this. You think you want to choose a walmart super center because they got food, they got clothes, they got ways to cook the food, they have electronics, they have sporting goods etc. Now think of how many other people in a panic are gonna say the exact same thing.

Thats why it pays to plan... plan... plan.

The better you choose your location during a non-emergency, the better off you will be WTSHTF.

Just so you know, I am not crazy.. just think all things out... But I have been beat by these people... they take it a whole new level..... LITERALLY!!!




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BOW or Bug out Weapons.

This is the most controversial part of your whole bugout package....

The reason for that is everyone thinks tactical is now tacti-cool.

What is he talking about you ask right?

Let me explain. In a bug out scenerio, you want to be that guy that blends into the grey. That means you dont want to stick out like a sore thumb.

Example. Who sticks out more?

Guy #1. He is running around with black BDU pants (ala swat) with a khaki tactical shirt, and an AR15 at the low ready position doing some wild bounding manuevers that are very poorly conducted. probably something he learned off of his favorite movie the expendables or heaven forbid Delta Farce.

Guy#2. The guy that is aware of his surroundings, cautiously moving around the area. He is wearing everyday normal clothes just like everyone else that is running around. You dont see it but he has a Springfield XD .45 on his hip and a pocket sized 9mm as a backup.

see what im saying? Dont fall for all the tactical shit out there. most of it will be a wsate of money. In the Army, they are referred to as "Blackhawk" Rangers.

ok now that the tacti-COOL speech is out of the way

you have 4 main tpes of weapons to choose from

1. Handguns
2. Shotguns
3. Rifles
4. Assault Rifles

so now you have learned of the 4 main types. now what arfe they used for

handguns- close proximity. 25 meters or less
Shotguns- close to medium distance. meaning up to 75-100 meters depending on type fof round
Rifles- Long distance.. well you get the picture
assault rifles - less then 350 meters

so what is good for you?

only you can answer that. what is your needs and your budget? IMHO opinion i would rather have 1 each of the top 3 for a total of around 1000-1500 then a single assault rifle for the same money.

weapons are something no one but you can make a determination on. me personally its like this

A pistol for my wife and I each. and a shotgun for each of us. rifle is in the extended works.

Now here comes a real touch subject. CALIBERS.

Therte is no wrong or right answer on calibers. My wife Personally owns a Walther P22 .22LR pistol. Its a great little handgun, never have an issue with it. its expensive but it is my wifes so i am willing to spend the money. Me I am buying a .40 or .45 here soon. Can I get away with a 9mm sure thing. I just want larger.

People will argue the reason they bought a .40 or a .45 is because a 9mm wont kill someone. BULLSHIT! A 9mm will kill you just as fast as a .40 or .45 trust me. I am witness to that. I have seen the pink mist from a 9mm. So all those people are just trying to justify them wanting a larger round. I will tell you honestly the reason i want a larger caliber. BECAUSE I WANT IT, AND ITS MY MONEY! I am not gonna sugar coat it, lie to myself and you to justify the purchase. My favorite quote I have ever read was "Your 9mm may expand on impact, but my .45 isnt getting any smaller!" guess what at 5 feet it doesnt matter because i will still splatter your brains all around!

Now with that being said. those .40's and .45's will tire out your wrist quicker then the 9mm. I can shoot a 9mm all day and not get tired (trust me, been there, done that), but a .40 or .45 after a few hundred rounds you will feel it. AGAIN TRUST ME ON THAT.

(don't try the macho bullshit on me oh im super tough blah blah blah my wrists wont get tired. Let me explain something. Weapons are what i do for a living. I have more formal training on weapons tactics, movements and just plain shooting then just about anyone on this forum GUARUNTEED!!!! pm me if you want to question that)

Now there are as many manufacturers and models as there are people in this world. What looks good in magazines and on the world wide web may not look and feel so good in your hands. Go to a gun shop and looka round, handle every weapon you can, find whats best for you and your hands. See if you can find a range locally that rents weapons. See if they rent the weapons you want to purchase. Go at it, have a blast.

Now handguns is such a vast area its hard to cover everything. you will be overwhelmed when you go into a shop. you will find compacts, sub compacts, full frame 1911's, revolvers, alloy, composite polymers, etc etc etc etc. find what you like thats all i can say. I personally prefer polymer handguns. just my cup of tea personally.

Shotguns. well again for every leaf on a tree there is a differtent shotgun. again pick a brand, model, size, pump, auto, bolt, etc etc etc.. again its gonna take time to find what you like. me personally my 2 favorites are the mossburg 500 Slugster @ $275.00 new and the Remington model 1100.. substantially more at $1105.00 new lol

Rifles. same thing again. find the size, and bolt type you want. i prefer mine to BE a 30.06 Bolt action. Its a great all around rifle for ME! maybe not you though. so go man handle your interests.

Assault Rifles. I carry the M4 everydamn day. I personally dont like it. It is antique, and generally an inaccurate shortened Vietnam War weapon with a carbine barrel, with a small 5.56mm/.223 round. THATS ME THOUGH! to some thats the ultimate Tacti-Cool weapon. Again look aound ands see what you like. I personally Like the Romanian Ak's but thats just me.

well again this is just a dabbling into the world of bug out weapons. what works for me, may not work for you. enjoy!

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BOR or Bug Out Routes

well this one is actually pretty simple and self explainatory. the objective on this one is how you will get from where you are at to your bug out location.

Let me suggest you go to Walmart now and buy one of the waterproof maps made by national geographic for the area you live all the way to where your bug out location is located. I bought mine, and while it cost me $12.99 its a map that wont get destroyed too quickly. It is a type of plastic or vinyl. IT IS A GREAT INVESTMENT!! I keep mine in my truck at all times.

Now learn to use and read said map.

once you understand how to read it and use it, locate your home and your bug out location. Look at all the different ways you can get there. the most direct route is going to be your primary route. now look at all the other routes that you can use to get there.. these will be your alternate routes.

easy right?

not so much. now im going to throw a wrench into the equation. on your main route look at all the ways you can go from your primary route over to your alternate routes. The reason i am having you look at this is for road blockages due to traffic, accidents, floods, large groups of people, etc.

got it now?

not quite.

Now get in your BOV and take some time out of your busy days and go drive your routes. pay attention to distance, time, and elevation changes. this will help you determine your fuel needs to get there.

now at the same time look for "ambush points" or points where it will cause you to redirect to your alternate routes.

now dont just drive the primary route, drive the alternate routes as well. its good to know if these work, or if there is bridges that have become unpassable due to construction or whatever since that map was printed.

Now go out there and drive these routes. Doing this is great for lazy sundays where you just wanna go out with the family just on a leisurely drive.

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BOG or Bug Out Gear

wow so you have read all that i have put out there and you are still with me, eh?

I swear y'all think im nuts and am expecting the end of the world and its impending doom. I really am not, but after Katrina, and living at Fort Hood texas when it happened, and having all the refugees everywhere i went.. YES they made it to central texas, I just want to make sure my family and I are completely ready for whatever mother nature or Kim Jong-il throws our way.

So you have read about weapons, and locations, and vehicles, and routes, now lets talk about something a little more airy. Something that wont rattle peoples cages like the weapons.


What gear do you need? I don't know. plain and simple.. I DON'T KNOW!!

before you say screw this nut case.. he just let me down,. let me explain

YOU will know what you need for yourself and whoever might go with you for your area. What I need for my family and myself at 9,000 foot elevation in the colorado rockies is absolutely different then the guy down in louisianna who plans on bugging out on his families barge on the ol' mississippi!

So with that you have to take into account if your location will be in the wilderness, a family cabin, on a barge, rowboat, or even your own house.

All these require its own special gear.

I will give you a sample list of what I am requiring for my location, I am sure i will miss some things, but it will give you an idea.

- 2 Large military duffle bags on wheels
- clothes. 2 changes of tops and bottoms, many pairs of socks and underwear
- first aid kits (i have the johnson&johnson kit from walmart and 2 spare army IFAK's)
- Large group tent
- Blow up mattresses
- Sleeping bags
- campfire cooking items
- rain gear (ponchos or actual rain jackets and pants)
- snivel gear (cold weather gear)
- fishing gear
- water purification tablets
- TP/babywipes (you'll thank yourself on these)
- whistles
- compass
- map
- gloves
- matches
- candles
- homemade firestarters.. (i will get into that later)
- multi-tool
- entrenching tool
- personal hygiene kits (remember women have different needs then men)
- wire saw
- binoculars
- 550 chord

now this isnt everything, but its a good basis for you to start off with. using this list you can add or subtract items etc.


ok then let me give you the scoop!

get a few cartons of eggs that are made of carboard NOT FOAM. candle tea lights, sawdust/ wood shavings, cotton balls, and a bacon grease.

take said cartons, cut out all the little "cups" and set to the side.

remove all the wax from the little metal cups into an old pot you were gonna throw in the garbage.

melt down all the wax you got. take little egg "cups" and dip the outside of the cups into the wax just to get it lightly coated, and set them aside to let wax harden.

while the little cups harden, take cottonballs and saturate them well with bacon grease and set aside.

next while wax in pot is still melted pour in sawdust/ wood shavings and mix it up well.

take the cotton balls, and put them in the cardboard/ wax cups.. 1 per cup.

once this is done fill the cups the rest of the way with the wax/ wood shavings/sawdust mixture.

let it harden and put them into ziplock baggies and store in cool area untill needed.

these will light easily, and stay lit long enough to get your firewood lit. they work very very well, and very efficiently

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I am still with ya on all this. I was away from the computer most of the weekend, so I will have to catch up on it all later today when I get a little more time.

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Been a while since I continued this thread... so here we go.

I think today I will discuss BOV's or Bug Out Vehicles.

Bug Out Vehicles are a very debated topic due to everyone has an opinion.

Some think subaru's are the epitome, some say jeep wranglers, some will say a saturn. It is all up to YOU.

But let me give you some areas to think about.

In my city where I live, Colorado Springs, Colorado, the streets are lined with curbings and sidewalks. the curbings range from normal 6-8" high to some I have seen as high as 14-16" tall. can your subaru or saturn or civic climb over that? You ask why would I want to climb over that? what happens if the streets are congested with bumper to bumper traffic and there is a horde of zombies coming up for you or flood waters are rising. I dunno about you, But i would say fark the congestion and will do what I need to to survive.

another scenerio. you are on the pennsylvaia north east extension of the turnpike. SHTF. a truck carrying toxic sludge (just saying it is possible) rolls over and is blocking the north bound lanes. the hull of the tanker developes a crack. sludge is starting to ooze out. your options are to climb the embankment. think your caddy sls or a camaro will climb it? what about a subaru wrx? or are you thinking your Jeep wrangler?

just giving you ideas.

now again your BOV is what you have. I am in no way saying sell your toyota camry and buy a Jeep Cherokee or Subaru Outback, or even a new diesel truck (if you are on this forum most likely you got the truck aspect taken care of, but I have to discuss this) But infinitely you are going to use what you have. So if you do have the aforementioned camry or camaro do what you can to survive. Now i am not talking about lifting your volkswagen gulf and putting 35" tires under it... I will laugh at you (secretly i will envy you cause that would be cool) ;) lol.

Motorcycles.. well they work very efficiently for 1 or 2 people, and are just plain cool... I secretly long for an awesome Kawasaki KLR650 enduro bike.

Bicycles.. honestly you cannot go wrong with having a Bicycle as a part of your bug out plan. I am hinking of grabbing one for my wife and I. (Kids already have their own) PLUS the benefit of them is to get in shape by riding them on weekends or when schedule permits for exercise.

So again, use what you got, but my recommendations are diesel 4wd trucks.
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