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Wonder if anyone has ideas.

Truck has been working great until yesterday. 109K miles.

My first thought was turbo went out or transmission issue.

Oil pressure fine, no other mechanical issues.

Getting on highway suddenly it lost power & started getting high pitched whine as step on gas. No smoke blowing.
Could get it to go along flat stretches up to and above 40 mph if I tried, but as entered any hill regardless of grade, the truck just didn't have the power.

Backs up fine until hit a hill where needs power & then same thing.

Whine is greater & louder the more fuel you try to feed. Also hear the whine when in neutral with fuel pedal depressed, but mainly when in gear & trying to drive.

Thought might be turbo, but pulled air intake & nut on end of turbo is solid, does not wiggle around a bit. Seems good and tight.Turbo blades seem to spin fine.

Any ideas?

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Sounds like a fuel issue. But to be on the safe side, Pull your intake off and do wiggle test on your compressor wheel of your turbo. If you have excessive play you have issues. If does not have play? Then check your oil tube to the turbo make sure you're getting oil to it. There is a possibility it might not be lubricating your turbo, and might have caused failure. Then check your boots on your air to air (intercooler) Make sure they are on tight, no leaks this is usually the typical thing that causes what you're experiencing. Then finally if everything checks out, and they are fine, test your fuel system. Come back and let us know what you find?
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