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I've been away from diesels for a while and am wanting to now buy one for a work truck.
I had a 2000 F250 with the 7.3L years ago, Loved the truck, but was broke down more than it ran. Cam sensors, glow plug relays, injectors, and finally computer went out...Left a bad taste in my mouth, so I got pissed and sold it and went back to gas.
I am now wanting another diesel. BUT, I want one that will stay running and be reliable and want one that has minimum issues.
What year Powerstrokes have less problems? Someone said the 1997 powerstrokes were rock solid? Someone said the 99-02 was best and someone said the 6.0L can be decent...
Also, I am wanting a flatbed dually... so it will be a F350, I like the 1997's but are they less prone to problems.. Sorry for the questions, just want your opinion. Thanks,
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