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want new tires

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hey yall i got 04 power stroke 4 door long bed with currently 20" rims and 37" mud tires i hate them i dont play in the mud the truck is to damn big and non of the friends have anything to pull me out anyway. im looking for a nice set of rims and some great highway load rated tires. i still want my highth which is 6in live with previously stated rims and tires any suggestions
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i'm taking it by the screen name you are in the army. if so welcome from a 13fox. anyways if you are in i would guess you are at bliss or hood.

on topic, i would get rid of the tires and rims and downgrade to a set of 35" all terrain tires. thats just me going by what you wrote. I have the 315/75/R16 BFG All terrain K/O's and love them. Rattlesnake18 has the goodyear duratracs and he has no issues with them either. there are tons of options.
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