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The Vendor News Advertising!

If you aren't using The Vendor News to highlight your business on our sites, you are really missing out on a great opportunity! The spot is visible at the top of the site for every member, and every guest that visits our network.

It works in two ways.

  1. You may link a sales thread which you have posted in your vendor forum to increase visibility. In this case, your image would be geared towards the product you are selling. EXAMPLE: You are running two sales threads. The one you list in the Vendor News will receive 1000% and higher views than the one not listed there.
  2. Or, you can make an ad linking your company web site directly.
When we first introduced The Vendor News spot, it was used as described in Method 1. It has evolved and now Method 2 is almost always used by our advertisers. Those that have been using Method 1 for the past year have never dropped off, network wide.

If using Method 1: You must create your sales thread in advance. Send me a PM with a link to the thread, and a link to an image which is hosted on your website, or Photobucket. (we do not upload the pictures, we only link to them) Your image should highlight the product of interest in a prominent way. You do not need to include any text in the image if there is no room, I will generate that based off of your sales thread and insert it in the Vendor News under your image.

If using Method 2: You can generate a JPG image any way you like based off of the dimensions listed below (which change based on how many spots are taken.) You must generate ALL possible dimensions in advance so that I don't have to wait on another size if a Vendor Joins, or drops off. Method 2 requires that you email me all image sizes, and we will host them.

You may change your ad 4 times per month.

NOTE: There are 6 spots available PER FORUM. Once they are taken, a spot will not open again unless a vendor drops off of the Vendor News. This is billed MONTHLY, PER FORUM. Please contact me for pricing. (Credit Cards only.)

AD SIZE INFO: If you are the only one in The Vendor News, you may have the whole spot to yourself. In which case the ad sizes are as follows. If another vendor buys in, each of your ad sizes gets cut in half. All ad sizes must be submitted in advance if you are running a static ad. If you are going to be running sales up there, please design an ad according to how many vendors are currently up there. Contact me if you are not sure.

1 VENDOR = 996x182
2 VENDORS = 486x182
3 VENDORS = 240x182
4-6 VENDORS = 150 x150

Any questions, let me know here in this thread.



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