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trouble starting when cold

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my truck has had trouble starting when it gets cold out when i plug it in it starts right up i was thinking glow plugs but the truck only has 149000 miles on it some one said something bout a fuel sensor or something by the filter any ideas could also use help on finding the seals for the hard fuel line at the head thanks
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trouble shooting when cold but stats when plugged in

There is a glow plug relay on top of motor .it's most time brown in color that's the problem it looks a lot like starter on fire wall...I low compression problem will give same symptoms even with medium milage it would run little rough for few miles tel things expand and u see smoke coming out of dip stick but (brown relay) should cover it!
I'm sorry glow plugs very well could be it.but it's labor lobor intense ,valve covers got to come off and a lot of things on top of them.on a guess.when removing valve covers, the valve cover gaskets are very expensive because they have wires that control the injector firing that are notorious for going bad due to bad electrical connection to injector so if u are on a budget like everyone smart money is glow plug relay (cheep easy to replace) if it will not start in extreme cold none of glow plus are working back to relay.if does start but very hard some plugs are working some are bad so the relay would b good..I hope that helps people if more info needed contact me! Try cycle key 3 times after light goes out in dash try to start 4th cycle if bust off glow plugs!
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