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Greetings, most folks call me, "Uncle C" for short, or "UC" for shorter. :)

My specialty in life is designing, welding (TIG), and creating manufacturing methods for high performance diesel race parts (mostly for 7.3L Power Stroke).

My designs are quite popular among the 7.3L community and are sold all over the world. I have for the past 8 years worked from an old (1910) shop building in my back yard. I have 38 years under my belt with the last 8 working exclusively for my nephew and his diesel performance company. Guess you can say I am the old guy with all the skills that no one ever heard of.

My first job out of high school was working on the rough cab line at the largest truck factory in the world, Freightliner, Portland, Oregon. While in school I worked PT welding for a log truck parts mfg company. All I have ever worked on nearly my entire life is diesel trucks.

If anyone who reads this post has questions regarding welding or building diesel performance parts then feel free to bounce your question off me. I warn you I don't know everything about it (who does?), but I will do my best to answer. Perhaps I will learn from your questions. I especially want to learn more about Cummins & Duramax so please share you knowledge.

Thank You

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