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Newbie here, any info on Superchips Cortex programmer? Have 2004 with 5.9L diesel. I'm not into fancy, just pulling a 5th wheel and economy.

Also a newbie from SW Michigan. I just installed a Superchips Cortex and tried it out yesterday. Previously I had attained 23 mpg running mt or lite load (1000 lbs) on a 300 mile trip. A short trip to LaPorte, IN and back, with one stop had me running at 24.2 when I pulled back into New Buffalo, MI, 24.1 when I pulled into my drive after cruising through town with several stop signs. Can't wait for an opportunity to get it on the highway. I quick tuned for "economy.":smileup:

Waiting to hear from others to see how they do.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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