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Starts then dies immediately

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Greetings everybody!

When I start my 2003 F250 Diesel for the first time in the morning, regardless of the temp outside, it starts then dies immediately. I turn the key off then start it again and fires right up no problem and stays running.

Also, if I pump the accelerator quickly the first time I start it, I can get it to stay running.

Any ideas, suggestions or comments?

Thanks for reading.

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is it 6.0 or a 7.3? any white smoke when it first starts?

also i temporarily moved it to this forum untill i can find out which specific sub section to put it in.
Didn't get this for some reason.

It is a 6.0 and I am pretty sure most of the time it is a dark smoke.

Have you checked your FICM voltage?

When is the last time you changed the oil and/or fuel filters?
Long time

I had some med issues and then same for a family member so it has been many thousands of miles and at 150k miles I am not sure I have ever changed the fuel filter. Shame on me - I know but do you think that could do it? I have an appointment for the LOF tomorrow, should I throw in the Fuel filter
Correct me if I'm wrong... But it sounds like a fuel pressure prob.
I was thinking the fuel pump could be failing, but a partly clogged old fuel filter could be contributing. But I think that would be more notable at higher RPMs and higher speeds when your fuel supply is more taxed
I will definitely change the fuel filter - on my 99 250 it is right on the top of the engine - same on the 03.

In2Trux - are you saying it would be the pump if I had the probs at higher speeds? I have no issues at all once I turn the key the second time and drive all day.
I have a 2001 Ford Excursion and it is doing the same thing. I have assummed that it was a fuel starvation. Thinking that the fuel was draining back out of the fuel line because if i run the RPMs up to 1500 on start up it runs rough for about 3 second and then some white smoke and then it runs like a champ. I cant find anyone that has a clue what is wrong. Hoping someone here can provide some insight.
Problem Solved

Hopper - for me it was an oil and filter change. The oil was so thick it took almost an hour to stop dropping from the pan, yes I said dropping and the filter came out of the cylinder in pieces.

The 2 fuel filters were almost black.

I recommend an oil/filter change and see if that works. Mine starts right up now in the morning.

Before talking fuel pump or worse do the above and see what happens.

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2nd fuel filter?

I do change my oil at the 8k mark and a new fuel filter ever 2nd oil change. But 2 fuel filters? i am only aware of the large canister style on top of the engine. is there another factory filter?
2nd Fuel Filter

Yes, there are 2. On om the top of the engine block next to the oil filter and one on the frame under the truck and mine is on the driver side.
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