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You problem is common. I t will take this Tool to get it out. Most of the guys that use it don't like it because puts alot of sideways force on the injector.


This is from another member and a forum that has done this method.

(Edited by original poster of information) "If you have to use a small pry bar to pop them out from the top using the bottom of the high pressure supply line on the injector as a pry point and the head bolt as your fulcrum. They should pop right out pretty easily. Make sure to remove the copper washer from the bottom of the cup if it doesn't come out with the injector. be sure not to lose the steel button that rests under the bracket that holds down the injector, it usually stays in place, but make sure it doesn't go anywhere."

I hope this will help you. The cup might come out with the injector, this is fine. Make sure all of the O-rings are replaced, and that you have the coolant out and your good. I hope you didn't use to much heat? Aluminum heads don't like that.
I hope you have the heads still on for the removal of injectors. It makes it allot easier, then having them off. You might have to have the heads checked after this.
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