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Alrighty, since we don't have a DF chat room yet, I figured it would be cool to start a Power Stroke chat thread where we, Ford members, can all bs about WHATEVER is on our minds. Just remember folks, KEEP THE CHAT WITHIN DIESEL FORUMS COC.:smileup:

This chat room is open to ALL members, just be aware that this is a dedicated Power Stroke chat room. Razzing between brands is bound to happen, just keep it friendly and come with thick skin.

With that being said, I will start.

Gregg, hurry up and get back here so I can let you hear how much better a single 6" stack on a 6.0 sounds compared to your old ass 7.3 and puny lil 5" duals.:Na_Na_Na_Na:
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hey hey hey now. i got more cubes, and my exhaust area is 4" total larger then yours! 5" + 5" = 10"... yours is still only 6! hahaha

hey talking about stacks I have a guy willing to sand blast mine to get rid of the chrome completely on them, so i can repaint them. he is supposed to come to colorado springs in the next few weeks, would you be willing to take mine off for me, when he is ready for them?
:strokin: Yeah well my turbo is bigger.

As for your exhaust... let's see... yours has to come up through the bed, go to a Y, run one side towards the passenger side, elbow up yet again, run longer to your driver's side, elbow up for the third time, and then exit. Where as mine elbows up through the bed and then BAM right out a sick ass 6" mitre. hahahaha

Never!!! If have never done anything for you before, why should I start now?:D
even if my truck is lopsided with my rear springs. hey does crash have the matching rear pack? i for got to ask when i was still home
haha jacka$$. my truck is taller
Mine is faster and sexier. Hell even Shannon says so. Ohhh, did you just see that? Yeah, I went there, your wife thinks my rig is hot. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

even if my truck is lopsided with my rear springs. hey does crash have the matching rear pack? i for got to ask when i was still home
You mean Rash?
Who cares!! Not soon enough in my opinion. He is a douche! He posted on the org with pics of his new durdge, yappin nonsense. He says that he still hasn't sold his truck and is moving soon. When? Who the hell knows. Maybe you should hit him up and see if he has it still, I am sure he is hard up for cash.

If you do get something worked out with him, then get in touch with John (Rouge-Texan), who I just got to join DF as well, and have him pick it up for you. He doesn't care for Rash much either, but is at least on some sorta good standing with him. I have pretty much made it very clear to Rash that I want nothin to do with him.
wait what? douscher got a dodge now? dude is smoking crack. i will hit him up when i get off work.

uh-oh you 2 had a lovers quarrel? HAHAHA

hmm wonder if he is gonna part that bitch out since he cant sell it.
Lol That's what he said and posted. I asked him in open forum how he could afford the durdge, but couldn't afford to fix his TC and injectors properly. Either way, he dropped the price on his truck from $5000 to $3500 or somethin like that.

Actually now that I think about it, and I have talked to the other guys about it all, I bet if someone had $3000 cash waving in that nimrods face, he would take it and take a loss with his bank. The truck as a whole is a cluster F**k, only due to him. There is plenty of good stuff on that truck to swap or sell. Hell, it does have an H2H on it.

Gregg... you got $3000? I see a parts truck in your future, a parts truck that has some shit that if in the right hands could make one mean ass zombie killer.
I hear ya, so do I. It would make a perfect project/competition truck. It would even make a great trail rig where you didn't care if you smashed the body up wheelin,

Ehhh.... but you should seriously try to get in touch with him and see what he has that will benefit your rig.
hey does he have gauges and such in the truck that you remember?
Yeah, I am pretty sure he does.
i just found his ad from craigslist for his truck so i sent him an email.
hey did that HPOP arrive? if not i give it till wednesday and i will escalate the claim with paypal.
Do y'all hear that?
Ok, sooooo the truck is soooo bid you can't load a bike into it????? ok looks way cool you think I can drive my rice rocket undert it?

On the heaver side I need help, Need the clip for the top of the Injector out side of the head?
Good evening. Anybody still paying attention to this thread?
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