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1. Each Competition will have a theme, and will be announced at the beginning of the contest.

2.Contestants are limited to 1 photo per contest

3.There MUST be a Diesel truck in the photograph submitted, and must be your own!

4.No photoshopping is allowed other than cropping.

5.The submitted photo must be taken by the contestant.

6.A caption or description will be allowed in the post with the photo

7.Each Photo must only be posted once, Nominated Photos may not be posted in another contest.

8.Each submission will be moderated by site moderators for appropriate content.

9.The previous month winner is not eligable to win the current months contest, but may submit a picture.

10. I'm going to request all entries must be uploaded to Photobucket or a like hosting site for this contest. It makes it so when i do the voting thread, i can upload the pictures so much ewasier. otherwise i have to download your picture and host it for you... PLEASE PLEASE upload your photos to a photo hosting website. if you need a site try one of the following: www.photobucket.com www.flickr.com www.imageshack.us you may have to sign up for them but its easy, and you can have them host any and all of your photos.

Contest Structure:

1. All submissions will be posted in this thread for 3 weeks

2. There will be a thread for the voting of the submissions. Voting will be allowed for 1 week.

3.The winner will be announced, and they will receive their generous prize!!

This schedule may be adjusted due to difficulty of photos or weather, etc.

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