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Hello, sorry if this has already been posted but I could not find it anywhere. I have a 2000 dodge 3500 5.9 Cummins. I am having two issues. The first being that it only goes into over drive sometimes. Even when it does go into over drive it can pop back into third gear all of the sudden and want to back into 4th.
I have replaced the accumulater spring (the old one was broken) but that still did not fix it.
The second problem I am having is when I first start the truck up, even if I let it heat up for a while as soon as I get to the end of my street to turn on the main road it does not want to accelerate the rpm want go above idle and it will I’ll only move at a very slow speed. I order to counteract this I put it In neutral and rev the rpm’s up to about 2000 then back and drive. After this it will usually accelerate normally.

Does anyone one know what these problems could be? Thanks
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