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ok got some off the wall giun questions.. not what you think

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I am in the middle of attaining my NRA Certified Instructor status for the following:

  • Basic Pistol Shooting
  • Personal Protection in the Home
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • Basic Rifle Shooting
  • Basic Shotgun Shooting
  • Home Firearm Safety
now my question is, my wife wants to get a job in a gun shop (she has turned into a firearm nut) does anyone know what she needs to have to get a job in a gun shop? this will happen when i move to georgioa in a few months. would it be best to help her get the same certifications to help her get a job in that field or am i looking in the wrong direction?
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I would think you could get better and more accurate answers from the Georgia State police.
So once your done your NRA training.... Will you be able to give training and be able to certify others???
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