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O/D Off button & Cruise quit working

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"New kid on the block" here & I've asked this question in the Dodge Ram owners forum, but go no answers. 1998.5, 2500HD, 4x4, 24-valve, Auto, Club Cab, bought new truck sat for quite a while 'till I could raise the $$$ for a good injector pump (original & 2 rebuilts failed over the years) & now that the truck is running again the O/D off button doesn't work & the dash light doesn't come on either -- the trans does shift into O/D as it should -- I just can't turn it off. And although the cruise control light comes on when you push the on button, the cruise will not set @ any speed. I've used both the O/D off button & the cruise a zillion times before with no problems & since they quit I've checked all the fuses in the interior & underhood boxes, cleaned all the battery terminals & both batteries are in good shape. I don't find anything amiss in the wiring either, but obviously there's something I'm missing. Ideas appreciated!

K&N; Blue Chip Special X VP44; Edge boost elbow; Thrush glasspak; 4.10 LSD's; Ultra wheels.


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