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I am really interested in the thread: EGT's climbing fast - concerning loosing the Edge and obtaining a Smarty. Any opinions on the product Triple Dog Power Pup by Bullydog, and going in a direction like this at this time of ownership?

As of the Holiday Weekend we have logged a little greater than 10K miles on the odometer. Loaded down, as pictured, or running butt empty... found that not much (except WIND) changes the fuel economy or performance. And windy it has been lately!

Am really interested to finding out what others are or have done to get better fuel mileage this early in ownership of a 2011?

I am so impressed with the performance - power we get... also love how quiet this truck is. Emissions would be an additional difficulty in skirting where I live. People tell me that this is pretty much how it will be, through the duration of the factory warranty... the dealer made sure that it was clear to me that "modifications" could cause warranty complications.

Now I will turn to the actual experts, any and all feedback is welcome!


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Without eliminating the dpf/egr systems any gain in mpg will be minimal. A tuner may help a bit but i wouldn't expect a lot. When doing a dpf/egr delete and runnin a smarty jr (mandatory for the ecm to function properly) I typicaly see gains from 4-10mpg.

In my opinion for the dodge common rail (03+) engines there is one tuner to use and thats smarty. Yes others do work and will increase hp and mpg but for the results i've seen smarty is hands down the best.

Bullydog and banks are two companies that have really big names and not very impressive products.
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i think that urbandiesel hit the nail on the head with what he said.
Welcome to the forum. I like the pictures, impressive looking set up
Tuning for economy. Welcome!

From the look of your pics you travel in style! As to fuel economy gains? Your biggest enemy is your aerodynamics and weight! But if you think of it pound for pound the same truck thats gas would do no better! I agree on the use of a smarty. But; it will only help you in the lower end. Once again; you will have to wait till after the warranty expires. There are some mods that dealers will allow provided they instal them.
If you go with a smarty or any variant, you might not see to much of a gain. the only way to experience this is through intake and exhaust upgrades. You can piggy back the smarty with a H&S to have the best top and bottom end power. This could be over kill for you and you might be lost already (I tend to do that, sorry). But it is what it is. in order to see good gains you have to build your rig to suit your needs.
Whats your final gearing? That could be a contributing factor to fuel economy. Going to 3.73-3.55 will help and keep it towing. it will just take longer to get to speed, you're in no hurry right? Driving habits/conditions, transmission, tires all make the difference in your goal to economy and hp gains. You may want to keep your truck stock and just do a mild tune, gauges, intake, exhaust, and programer.
With that said

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