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Hello. I own a much-loved 1988 F350 7.3L Navistar diesel with Banks turbo since new. 160.000 miles. I don't have much to contribute technically to the forum, but I would like to ask a question of those more experienced with these trucks.

Runs fine but recently it has been showing lower than normal oil pressure, below the N in "Normal" on the gauge at low engine speeds. (My truck has a Ford linear Pressure sender and gauge from a gas-powered F-series truck, so I can see the oil pressure continuously, rather than the Navistar switch-type (good/bad) sensor.) I would guess that this is about 10 psi.

I would normally expect that the bearings are just worn, but everyone says this engine is very durable. Would it be worthwhile to replace the oil pump? I have no reason to believe the original is shot, but replacing it is a lot cheaper than having the engine rebuilt. If I replace it, is there an aftermarket high pressure / high flow oil pump for this engine?

Thanks very much,
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