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New from Oklahoma.........

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Hey guys just checking in. Dont have a diesel but maybe in the near future..........looking at getting a 5.9 in the near future......unless an srt8 jeep or srt10 ram comes up with a good price...........lol
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Good ole Coweta OKLAHOMA!
Welcome to
Diesel Forums

Not much going on over their, except Ice... I feel for you. I lived in Tulsa during the last Ice issue. They found a handful of elderly. dead in the lower country. Hang in there.
Welcome to the Diesel Forums Jake from Kansas. Great site with great people. If you have any questions feel free to ask. We'll do our best to help :cool:
Welcome to the Diesel Forums! Glad you joined us. :smileup:
Welcome to the Diesel Forums from Texas:wavey:
Glad to have you on board!!!
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