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so every year i do a rant about craigslist. it all started in 2009 with this rant. This is what triggered it. I saw a nice pop up camper for sale locally on craigslist that needed some work. Asking price was a measly $350.00, it was a good deal in my eyes as it would perform the functions I needed for my family, and would easily pull with my Big Block Bronco I built. So I contacted the seller and we talked through emails and phone conversations. This is when it went sour. The owners asked me where I lived.... I was kinda caught off guard by this but gave them a reply with on post housing. They informed me that this was for sale only to homeless people. wait... what? I dunno too many people that have cell phones, computers with internet and $350.00..... So I asked them why discriminate, and even offered to but it, and donate our huge 12-14 person tent we had to the homeless. They told me to pound sand..

So this started my yearly rant on craigslist. so now every year I post on my forum of choice on why I hate craigslist.

This year I will rant about all the companies posting hundreds of ads about tires each week. You can click on 90% of the cities throughout the U.S. and go to auto parts and see tons of tire posts from local tire shops. Not only is it annoying to see a post for every single tire they have but if you actually read the craigslist user policy it is against Craigslists rules. businesses that want to post ads can post ads but has to do one group post meaning, group all items into 1 post as craigslist is free and it is not meant for free advertisment for commercial use, and it eats up the allocated bandwidth. So now everyday when I am bored I go on craigslist and check all the tire ads, and its pretty bad when i have the sellers name and phone numbers memorised and i flag all of their ads for tires.. i know I am an *******.

next rant. Craigslist flakes. So I post something up for sale and an interested party contacts me asking if it is still available. i reply with yes. they tell me they are only available friday at 6pm for them to swing by, so i reorganize my schedule for them, and they never show nor do they answer the phone... is it really that hard to make a phone call, text message or an email saying they are no longer interested? i'm not gonna get mad, shit happens.

Last rant... Craigslist spammers. No I dont want help selling my item, no i dont want to help you collect your inheritance in Boogabooga Nigeria, nor do i want to try your new improved vaginal infection cream.

So please list your qualms with craigslist..

BTW with all this being said, I am still a CRAIGSLIST JUNKIE
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