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Bought this 2006 dodge 3500 5.9 24v 6spd.
Previous owner claimed there were 150hp injectors in it, but no upgraded fuel system, turbo, or tuner...
I recently adjusted the valve lashings (.010 in, .026 ex) and replaced a leaking cp3 pump (stock replacement). My valve cover spec says "Int .010, Exh .026 cold" but everyone else online seems to adjust theirs lash to Int .010, Exh .020

2 days later while hauling a mini excavator up the mountain as I was accelerating up a steeper stretch of the highway, my truck made a HUGE bang (or backfire?) and immediate cloud of white smoke out the exhaust, followed immediately by misfiring. (only running on 5 cylinders)
Engine is making a fuel knock, so I figured I probably blew an injector.
After turning on and off each injector to find which is misfiring, I find the #3 cylinder is not firing. So I decided to change all the injectors back to stock...

when I took the valve cover off, the exhaust valve bridge had fallen off (I assume it happened when it back fired). Never heard of that happening before.... But I put it back on and valve stems seem to functioning normally (aside from the fact that its not firing in that cylinder).

After putting the new injectors in, #3 is still not firing. I checked to see if it getting voltage and it is so idk what els it could be?

maybe a burnt valve seat?

I read that a bad ECM can cause a misfire but idk if that works in my case...

It doesn't have much blow by at all. Not sure if there is a way to check compression through the injector ports.
Maybe set it to TDC and blow air down the injector whole and see if air is coming out the exhaust?
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