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First, let me start of by welcoming and thanking all of you! The administrate/moderators and I are honored that you wanted to help make our forum grow!

1. We need to make sure to welcome all of our newbie's and encourage them to stay active in our Forumz. Simple little responses like "Glad to have ya, make sure to post some pics" or ask a question about their ride that they might of discussed in their post. A meaningful question can start a chain reaction of questions or positive comments!

2. "No Quiet Thread Left Behind" lol,, When you see a thread that has alot of readers but no comments, jump into the thread. We need to find out why there is no comments. The member might of posted a selective comment or a question that is not clear. Lets respond to the question/comments and get it active again. By posting, this will bring the thread back to the top of New posts. Guys,, I'm realistic,,, I understand that some threads just need to be left alone, but lets try to find a way to make it a good thread. Remember, Our #1 goal in the Forum is to have an enjoyable, respectful and most important active environment.
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