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2004.5-2010 GM Duramax billet aluminum valve cover breathers. Re-route breather hose from turbo intake to catch can alongside bottom of engine. Eliminates engine oil from contaminating turbo, intercooler and intake system. Increase flow capacity to eliminate engine seal damage by reducing internal engine pressure.

Tools Needed:
11mm Deep socket or wrench
10mm Wrench
Hose Cutters
Flat Blade Screw Driver

Supplies Needed:
PPE Crankcase Breather Set (1140200)
7ft of 5/8” Heater hose (Length is up to where you want it to dump out at)
2 #10 Hose Clamps
Zip Ties
  1. Remove the resonator (the black 6.6 box). To gain access to the turbo outlet coupler clamp.
  2. Pull away driver’s side intercooler pipe.
  3. Locate the driver’s side crankcase vent and remove the 10mm hold down bolt. (See Picture)
  4. Gently pop out the crankcase vent tube.
  5. Now turn your attention to the passenger side.
  6. Locate the passenger side crankcase vent. Remove the 10mm hold down bolt. (See Picture)
  7. Gently pop out the crankcase vent tube.
  8. Find the turbo inlet tube or mouthpiece. There is a “T” going into it. Remove the clamp and pull the hose off.
  9. Now you can remove the entire crankcase vent hose assembly.
  10. Time to install the new fittings. Apply a light film of clean motor oil to lubricate the o-rings.
  11. Starting on the passenger side. Slide the fitting in the place of the old one.
  12. The clearance between the fitting and a plug going to the fuel rail is real tight. So take your time.
  13. On the driver’s side it pretty start forward slide on the hose and clamp.
  14. Route the hoses down the side of the motor. It’s really up to you as far as the way you route the hose. Make sure it is away from the exhaust and not rubbing on anything it could damage.
  15. Zip tie the hose out of harm’s way.
  16. Trim the hoses to desired length.

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