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and happy Wednesday to all yall!

Well ive had a 1998 Ford F800 for almost 2 years, it has the gen2 12 valve 5.9L Cummins in it, with a 4spd auto Allison tranny. I finally named it "The Turtle", its not fast but it does get you where you wanna go with however much weight you want to put on it and pull with it... until the holset hx35w turbo went. So now I have a smeding s363-68-14cm turbo on the way, Im also going to be turning up the P-pump and moving forward the fuel plate, and putting in 4k GSK and 60lbs valve springs... I have a Donaldson BHAF on the way also. The data plate on the block says the engine is rated at 210hp... with what im doing anybody have a guess what my HP/ft lbs will be? Thanks in advance.

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