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I have a 1993 Dodge Diesel Dually, 5 speed manual trans, and the first generation Cummins Diesel 5.9L I6, with 200K on the odometer. Here are my general questions, assuming ideal road conditions of cross country freeway driving, low or no wind, unloaded, motor and vehicle operating properly, driving 55mph:
(1) Fuel Consumption Range: How many miles per gallon should I expect? (2) Top Speed Capability: 72mph is the max speed I've been able to obtain so far, "pedal to the metal." I'm happy to cruise at 72mph, but I'd feel more secure passing knowing that I have the ability to speed up if needed. (3) Damage If Motor Oil Filled to Only 7 Quarts instead of required 12 Quarts: Should I expect engine damage if driven 400 miles in the above conditions? Oil pressure and engine temps were normal the entire trip. When I discovered the error I added a gallon and drove home with no apparent oil consumption but I'm still worried. It's running normal in town, but I about oil consumption on my next long trip in December. It would be a shame if it began burning oil since it never burned oil before.

Thanks, HFC2
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