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Gas vs Diesel

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I apoligize as I have erred with the previous thread. The question about gas vs diesel had more with towing a fiver. We will be buying a fifth wheel when my wife retires ( I'm already there+). I say that not only will we get better mileage with the diesel but it is easier on the engine. I don't know what kind of warranty Dodge has on their Cummins but the Duramax has 100,000 mile warrenty on their's. We had a 97 Chevy Diesel on had a 125,000 mile warranty; sure wish they had kept it.
Also those of you using a 2007 thru 2009 what kind of miles do you get with your diesel engine? Again many mant thanks.
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from what i hear, towing with a gasser just SUCKS UP your gas, and tears down your mpg...now, on the dodge and chevy info i cant add, BUT i do know those new FORDS are very nice on gas mileage, well diesel mileage, even when towing. also they look cool and have a 100,000 mile warranty upgradable to 200,000
either way its whatever flavor you like.. ford.. chevy... dodge

go drive them all, thats the only way you will find what suits you best. all of them will do the task you are asking with ease. mileage will vary, depending on altitude, terrain, weight, speed, driving habits etc. but you WILL definitely get better mileage with a diesel then with the gasser!
I have always been a Ford Guy with Navistar power in my heart. If I could have the perfect truck? It would be a Ford With a 5.9l ISB Common Rail attached with an Alison. But I live in a perfect world Ruled(Ruined)/Governed by Man. I would go for the Duramax for the years you specify. My Reasoning:

1. Durmax Has proven to be a good all-around Power-plant.
2. When Off warranty you could tune it to be a towing diesel sipper to extreme performance monster.
Provided you do change a few things and use EFI Live for all of you're tuning.

The Cummins for the years you specify will always be just a good work horse. It's not that delicate, unlike the Ford and D-Max, Unfortunately there are not a whole lot of tuning for the new Cummins right now. The one that are selling have their quirks but you get what you pay for. The 6.7l will last a whole lot longer then the Truck and Transmission the power-plant was meant for.
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Well my 5.9 cummins is awesome! i wouldnt have anything else. I get like 22-25mpg hiway 17-19 city depends how you drive it and mine is a 4x4! Towing it can basically do anything. The other good thing i like about mine is here in CO being like -20 Still starts up no prob. without plugging up! I takes a little longer to warm up but still good since everyone says you have to plug it up! Well the only thing about mine that it isnt as fast as the newer ones.. And I dont know much about warranty because i bought mine used. I cant say much about the newer motors.. Cus I hear good and bad things about them.
Just what this thread is all about.. What is under the hood is important for pulling your fiver, but the truck it's self is equally important.
You want to be comfortable on those long trips.
Ford has some killer interiors but I have never had the pleasure of riding in one in a long trip.
I can tell ya I love my 07.5 Silv 2500 And I'm not walking around like an old man after 4 hrs of driving :)
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