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My 2003 Duramax performance sucked. I mean, like really sucked. It was getting worse every time I drove it, until it struggled to get up to 60 mph. Yes, that bad.

12,000 miles ago I had dirt & grass type debris in my fuel tank, so I removed and completely cleaned everything. Let it all thoroughly dry before reassembling. Of course, replaced the filter as well. The truck performance was good, but when loaded with a heavy trailer, performance notably declined in the past 3,000 miles.

Today I removed the tank and the pickup canister inside the tank. I don't know how it was running at all. I included pictures of what had accumulated inside the canister. I have not looked into the tank yet.

Before dissecting, I noted flat sheets of large brown flakes jammed up as they were entering the canister interior. Once inside, they are supposed to be rough-filtered at a plastic screen before being sucked into the fuel line.

Does anyone have a clue of what would cause diesel to gel or film like that? Then to break up into flakes and float around in the tank?

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