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Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle Wheel

2-owner and 81,XXX miles currently in Erie, Pennsylvania. $75,000

In addition to the roots-type supercharger it has an upgraded fan & water pump, had the heads pulled and cylinders inspected. Fresh custom silver metallic paint, reconditioned interior including a new radio and blackened a Oak glove box.

There's an electric winch in the wrap-around brush guard. A full-size roof rack covers the top however the lights are disconnected.

Wheels are 20" Black Rhino, tires are new 37" Cooper Discoverer STT Pros.

The wipers, power mirrors & some gauges do not work.

Tire Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Automotive parking light

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Tread

Automotive tire Vehicle White Hood Tire

Car Vehicle Gear shift Motor vehicle Steering part

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Car seat cover Window


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