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So the goal is 77-79 Bronco with big torque and good hp.
400-500HP and 650-1000 FT-lbs.

Yes these are big numbers and the goal but I will live in reality.

3.0L emissions emission emissions I will do an EGR delete but DPF and DEF don't seem like it will hurt.
+I like the block has 6-bolt mains but would definitely cam upgrade, piston and rod. O-ring the heads bigger head bolts and bump the compression and boost to about 18:1 and 30-40psi of boost. Light engine only about 500!
- Thinner block emissions and tuning also FORD already discontinued so nightmare trying to get junkyard parts or aftermarket.

3.2L Same parts upgrade same compression and boost bump.
+ Transit van are a plenty, and a big global market! Aussies are doing tuning as it is in the ranger line. Also light block Inline 5 means less harmonics Also more space for Overlanding accessories
- 2 bolt mains worries me when doubling the HP and TQ.

4.5L Compression all ready there turbos are good. Injectors and turbo tuning to double the boost.
+Just a 6.0L minus 2 cylinders so lots of aftermarket! Ok amount around 400K mile life.
-Big and Heavy 800lbs versus other two which is great for longevity but not for bogging or dune jumping.

I would like to use the 3.2L Bore .060 over and stroke it to 4.0L. For weight and and engine slimness.
But the 4.5L seem a lot more bulletproof. But extra 300lbs+ is a beast. But a Aluminum head and EGR delete should take off about 100-125lbs.

Thoughts ?
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