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AutoMeter Pillar Pod Gauge Installation

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I installed my Pillar pod and gauges late last fall. Got too cold out to finish the hook ups.
Now I'm ready
Has anybody here done this before. I asked a local shop for a price to do it for me... They didn't even want to... Don't want the responsibility of it possibly going wrong.

So I'm just gonna do it myself.
My questions:
Pyrometer: Does it matter which Exhaust manifold I take off? L or R?
I'm guessing it doesn't
So I'm taking the one off that is the easiest to get to.

Tranni Temp gauge: Which of the 2 tranni cooling lines is the hot line and which is the cooled return line.
I'm gonna use the Hot line.

Boost gauge: I was planning on tapping into the aluminum tubing on the top of the engine. (I'll do this on the bench, not on the engine) Is this a good location to get an accurate boost reading?

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