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another new guy!!!

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well, here I am. No truck but a moho. It's a 2005 kountry star with a 8.3, 330hp cummins with an allison 6speed trans. This is the third moho with a diesel. I've had and operated diesels for the last 25 years. With all that said, heres what i need help with.
It is very sluggish from a stop. Im not heavy on the pedal. Im heading up mountain passes all the time and it's not down shifting unless I put the pedal to the metal!! I've found a power chip, not the typical chip that increase fuel flow etc. It's us dielsel chips. com. It all sounds good. Anyone have any experience with these or comments.I'm all open to any feed back.
The flynlyon
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Welcome to diesel forums. Is the chip the only thing you've done with your motor home? Diesels like to breathe. If you've done nothing else I would recomend getting a good air filter and opening up the exhaust. With this you could see the motor run a little better, and possably get a little better fuel milage.
Thanks for the advice. I'll look into the air and exaust. I just like the idea of 10minute plug and go.
Hi and Welcome 1flynlyon
I have no experience with the chip manufacturer that your using. However I have heard that they are Excellent for what they do. I'm glad to read that your not heavy on the foot. These big power-plants do well with upgrades, but you have to be smooth into speed, and smooth out of the speed. I agree with 97cummins on getting your intake and exhaust to open up, There is usually no difference in power with a chip until you do an exhaust and intake upgrade.

If none of our venders can help you? Then google Pittsburgh Power, Bruce paved the way for larger power-plant diesel performance. Their website does not show their parts, but give them a call I'm sure they will put you on the right path. Let them know I sent you. I have been bugging Bruce to come out to Redding for quite some time.
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Also when you do just a chip it usually increases the fueling,which increases the egt's. You don't want the egt's to high. If you don't have an egt gauge,i'd recomend getiing one installed.
You can look up your CPL number on the block and contact Cummins for a parts list from that CPL number. Then find comparable CPL numbers with a higher horse power rating and build your engine form the new parts. you would have to change the CPL number if you ever need it serviced or repaired.
Welcome to Diesel Forums Paul
Glad you joined us here. Enjoy your stay.
Help the big 8.3 to breath. There's lots of hidden hp in her, but she needs to breath to release that torque
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