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My 03 with 225,000 miles has been broken for almost 2 years now after a spun bearing and then found 3 cracks in the crank.
Well I am about to start putting it back together and am so happy for it. I used to get "upset" whenever I would see a diesel dually drive by.
I would like some input and opinions here as I would rather have too many ideas than not enough when I am spending the time and money on something.

The truck is basically stock except for the 05 turbo, 4" elbow into 5" stacks, 100 hp quadzilla box, and open air filter.

As of right now I am getting the rotating assembly balanced, installing all new bearings, gaskets, and seals, new rings, new head bolts, DDP50hp tips and probably a Hamilton 181/210 cam.

Now the questions:

Why dont I ever here guys changing their oil pumps? Is it okay to spec it for clearance and run it? I ask because I am running out of money and if I don't NEED to spend the extra $$ I won't. (unless someone here has a lower mileage one to sell cheap) :)

On a basically stock engine, if the DDP50's usually add a lil smoke, and the Hamilton 181/210 gets rid of some, will that mean it will equal out and the amount of smoke will be about the same it was before the rebuild?

Also, with a cam that "gets rid of smoke" , can I make it smoke "when I want it to"? If I ever Need to? lol

What would be the next step up in turbos? Not spending the $$ now, but would like to keep my eyes out for deals in the future. I just don't know what ones to watch for. Just looking for a healthy 550 or so hp.

Thanks guys, and I look forward to some input.
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