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hey guys i have just got a bully dog tuner for my truck AND i am having some problems and some excellent attributes like POWER i have a stoke intake with stoke exhast i mean its an all stock truck and i ran a 9.1 8th mile but since then i havent been able to get the performance tune off of my truck when i plug it in everything seems to be working fine and i put it on stock and it loads it up then i pull the plug and turn the key back off and back on and when i drive i still feel the performance power and shifts the truck still rolls smoke so all i can figure is it thanks my stock tune was a performance tune so last night i ran a 6.4 powerstroke with a spartan and nitrous 5 inch from turbo back and he barley pulled from me now this truck should of waxed my ass! so all i can figure is i am staking tunes and i dont really feel like blowing up yet i just got the truck lol and yess i know head studs and egr and pipes oil pump and many others are needed for this kind of power thats why i want to get the tune off can anyone help me out:3-smash:

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Aw common!

welcome to the forums. you should post your question in the ford powerstroke section, to get it answered quickly.

also that was one hell of a run on sentence.. kinda hard to read:doh:.
Hey! He is a one of us! You just read the posts, and then reread them till you figure them out! Mister smarty pants!:zav::val: :iagree: :str:
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