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I would like to replace my fuel filter.

I have heard diesel's cannot get air into the fuel system. Can anyone give me a step by step set of instructions for changing out the fuel filter on my 06 5.9L Dodge Ram 2500.

I have a 4 speed automatic if that makes any difference in the instructions.


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First off,who ever told you that air can't get into the fuel system is wrong.It can happen.
Second,changing a fuel filter is basicly remove the old filter out of the housing, install the new filter,fill the fuel filter full of fresh fuel,and put back on truck.
Next, since you have an electric fuel pump, you can cycle your ignition switch to prime the fuel system.
Basicly,turn on the ignition(don't start the truck) let the fuel pump run until it stops.
Then repeat a couple more times.This just helps get rid of the air in the fuel,and it helps prime the fuel system.
Then try starting the truck.
After the truck starts,it may stumble for a moment but thats ok, it should clear up. Thats just the air getting pushed out.

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Just to further expand on what 97Cummins said.
I got this from a google search. Thanks to the RAM site.

Fuel Filter Replacement: The fuel filter is located
inside of the fuel filter housing.
a. Clean all debris from around canister.
b. Remove filter lid (1) using a socket. Attach
socket to large hex (2) on top of lid. Rotate
counterclockwise for removal. Remove O-ring.
Discard O-ring.
c. Remove filter element

Refer to maintenance schedules for recommended fuel filter replacement intervals.
1. Thoroughly clean inside of filter housing, filter cap and all related components.
2. Fuel Filter:
a. The engine has a self-priming low-pressure fuel system. Refer to Standard Procedures-Fuel System
b. Install new O-ring to canister lid and lubricate O-ring with clean engine oil.
c. Position new element to canister lid. Place this assembly into canister by rotating clockwise.
d. Tighten cap to 34 N·m (25 ft. lbs.) torque. Do not overtighten cap.

It doesn't look like a real hard job to me . And this procedure is right from the factory shop manual .

Hope this was some help too

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Good Looking Out guys!
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