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So i bought a one ton dually with the 6.5l diesel in it and i dont know whats wrong with it

heres what happened-----i was driving it all day last week and running great never a bad noise no knocks ran like a top notch diesel with the 50,000km on the rebuild that it has

then i go to my exes house to visit my kid im there for 4-5 hours
i go hop in my truck when its time to leave and my truck starts then stalls then starts and runs REALLY ROUGH then stalls WTF so i guess PMD and say well lets get it going and get home i start it back up talk it into smoothing out which it does and off we go i make it 8-9km and all of a sudden it starts to knock hard and fast (i didnt lose oil pressure and my heat remained the same) so i immediately shut the truck off and coast it off to the side of the road

my music was up when it happened so i thought maybe i was off my rocker and it was a fan smacking something etc. so iu get out check and everything looks fine i pull my oil dipstick and the oils fine with no metal flakes so i got brave hopped back in fired up the old girl..................and...........same thing like a hammer going off under the hood and sounds like its not running on all cylinders i immediately shut truck back off hopped back out checked everything figured i blew a bottom end bearing i decided to just drive home if the motors hooped anyway .............well i turn the key truck turns over twice and stops dead in its tracks wont turn over anymore..................

so i had it towed

it gave me absolutely no warning that it would do this and seemed like it came out of nowhere

i heard about hydrolock due to bad injectors putting to much fuel in cylinder and the fluid wont compress

it sat for two weeks while i wenmt to work i came home and tried turning it over by hand i had cracked all my injector lines and when i did this nothing happened it wouldnt budge but when i looked under the truck it had pissed fuel out of one of the injectors onto the ground

what does this mean? is it just hydrolocked?

i think i made a mistake buying a 6.5l i bought it to pull my skidsteer around for the landscaping business im opening this spring

i dont have another 5 grand for a truck all my money went to equipment that i cant even pull around anymore what should i do any tips pointers is my truck cooked or is there a chance its repairable
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