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  1. New Member Introductions!
    Former DuraMax owner, now PowerStroke 6.7L owner. 2011 F350 FX4 Dually Super Duty
  2. Ford Diesel General Discussion
    I am debating between a 2001 4x4 f250 and f350 powerstroke 7.3.extended cab single wheel. I heard that the axles and frame where the same and the only thing different is the springs?? I am not really familiar with ford so i do not know what all is different? I would appreciate your help, Thanks!
  3. New Member Introductions!
    Hey guys, new to this forum. My names Mike posting from the beautiful Vancouver Island British Columbia. Proud owner of a healthy 1999 7.3 f350. Love the truck, love the engine. Few issues here and there but nothing you wouldnt expect in a 12 year old vehicle. 230xxxkms. Im always towing boats...
  4. Powertrain ? Engine, Transmission &...
    Hey guys, just looking for some advice.. Recently purchased a '99 f350 7.3, and after a few months of owning it the turbo seized up on me. So I took off in intake side of the turbo so I could access the turbine and basically just jimmied it until it freed it up and was loose again. Worked great...
1-4 of 4 Results