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  1. Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel Performance - Engine
    I just purchased a 2004 {mfg. date 03-04}Ram 2500, 2 WD, auto, 5.9, turbo, 24 valve truck. It appears to be stock with exception to a Banks intake manifold, and heater delete plate. Also has a EGT probe that the gauge is missing, but the probe is still in the exhaust manifold. So I think it had...
  2. Powertrain ? Engine, Transmission &...
    hi I am in desperate need of a diagnosis for my truck issue. I have a '98 dodge cummins 2500 3/4 ton 24 valve, 5 speed, of which has an intermittent hard start and also at random occasions while driving the engine will cut out for a split second resulting in check gages light to come on then...
  4. New Member Introductions!
    Hey guys, i have 1997 dodge ram 3500 cummins(dually). i was wondering where i can find lift kits for it. i want to lift it at least 4 inches. any wesbites or anyone no anyone persoanlly that does it? thanks! -Matt
  5. Dodge Diesel General Discussion
    Hey guys i am looking at purchasing my first dodge cummins. I just got done looking at a 2000 5.9 5pd short bed quad cab cummins. It looks pretty bad a**. This truck drove great and definitly had a ton of power! He is wanting $9500 for it. I need some help in deciding if you guys think it is...
1-6 of 7 Results