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  1. GMC and Chevy Diesel General Discussion
    Hey y'all, I'm a new diesel owner and I recently purchased a 89 Suburban with the 6.2l. I've had a few minor issues so far but the truck runs strong. This weekend my friend changed my Glow Plugs for me and this morning I went to start my truck and it wont turn over fully. I noticed the Glow...
  2. New Member Introductions!
    Hey I'm a college student from Wyoming I've owned my duramax since I was 16 and needing to learn more
  3. GMC and Chevy Diesel General Discussion
    Hi so my 1982 chevy 6.2l diesel runs and everything but doesnt stay running, i can drive it down the street but it will shut off but start right back up does anyone know the problem for this? :4-dontknow:
  4. Duramax Diesel Custom Interior and Exterior...
1-4 of 6 Results