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PO-POJOE 10-11-2016 10:10 AM

Straight Pipe Pros vs. Cons??
Hey friends. The cruise add went perfectly! I just wanted to follow up and confirm that klhansen is right on!

On a side note, I'm wanting to possibly add a straight pipe.......I'm talking home made straight pipe. Has anyone ever done or seen DYNO results from before and after this change? Factory vs. straight pipe? I am not worried about inspections, but rather, whether it will effect my power? As I have heard that the turbo is powered by the exhaust system, will this effect my turbo? Or, could it even slightly increase my power, and/or mpg?

If the mod is suggested, what size would you guys recommend?

torquediesel 10-11-2016 01:15 PM

Do you have a picture you can show what you are trying to do?

PO-POJOE 10-11-2016 02:01 PM

I sure don't have any pics, but I was just planning on cutting in front of the muffler and CC and running a straight pipe, with no guts, out the back of the truck. Again, I am not concerned with the inspection.

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